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 Thyra - the Leaderthingy

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PostSubject: Thyra - the Leaderthingy   Thyra - the Leaderthingy EmptyFri Nov 21, 2008 5:20 pm

As the title says, i am the leader..somehow Razz I ever was that and i'll ever be..or at least i hope so. Well, about me : i'm a 17 year old german girl, blue eyes, brown hair, 1,67m high.. well, i think its you that know my character best, so well, just write under this what u think about me Wink Comments will be best for others to find out who i am. But now the most important : I AM THE OWNER OF BOOTS! Yeees, boots, hes my lovely noob-eating raptor that guided me through the game (or well, at least he didn't eat me and i was able to run around with him after hitting level 20..and finding the pet-skill-hatch-thingy). Ah, and Trissy - the Windsprint Panther, member of the SMRA (Shadowrun Mount-Rending Agency!)- that was a he and is thanks to tris a she now, belongs to me to Razz I like to bake cookies, am never fast enough to even eat some of them and like to help(/stalk) ppl to try to recrute them... well, and english is my fav language Razz I still have to improve tho..
If there are any overleft questions, just comment here and i will answer if i dun fail to find the page again ^^'
I love u all, my guildies! (Even the evil Foxies and Clerics...)
Ur Leader,
Thyra (aka Lea/Farbklecks/16)

PS : Just dun ask because of my nicknames. Its a looong story...

EDIT : Hey, i put it in the wrong part of the forum.. and omg, smilies! elephant < lol, elephant. i name her betsy!

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Thyra - the Leaderthingy
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