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 the fuction of the tomato

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the fuction of the tomato Empty
PostSubject: the fuction of the tomato   the fuction of the tomato EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 11:32 pm

1, tomato contains rich carotene, vitamin B and vitamin C, the content of P especially in vegetables.UGG Boots Outlet Contain

vitamin C, sugar and rutin as raw material, is scurvy, skin, protect blood vessels, step-down, digest and use.
2 and lycopene contains cardiovascular protective do with vitamin and mineral elements, can reduce heart disease to attack.
3 and lycopene has special oxidation resistance, can free radicals, protect the cell, make deoxyribonucleic acid and gene from damage, can prevent cancerous process. Tomatoes in

addition to prevent prostate cancer with outside, still can do to reduce pancreatic cancer, colorectal, breast, oral cavity, laryngeal cancer incidence of danger.
4 and tomato contains vitamin C, promote the secretion, feed, be cool blood flat liver, qingrejiedu, lower blood pressure, the function and effect of hypertension and kidney

disease, people have to do with good adjuvant treatment. Eat more tomatoes with anti-aging, make the skin keep doing with white.
5 and tomatoes have Nick acid can maintain normal gastric secretion, may have formed into red blood cells, help maintain blood vessel walls have flexibility and protect the

skin. Edible tomato to control the arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and coronary heart UGG boots Tomato juice, can

diuresis, nephritis patients also should eat.
6 and eggs is a miracle, the nature of a trained in pure have eggs, temperature, can not necessary to complement nourishment from outside, can any one chick hatched, this is

enough to explain the eggs.
7 and eggs is nutritious food, contains protein, fat, progesterone, lecithin, iron, vitamin and calcium, potassium and other mineral human needs. Outstanding advantages in

nature, is the most excellent eggs contain protein.
8 and eggs contain abundant of DHA and lecithin, etc, and physical development of the nervous system is very big, can make use of the brain, avoid recession, the elderly and

intelligence to change all age groups. Many of the prolong longevity is one of the experience will eat an egg every day.
9 and eggs Fried tomato nutrient complement is a good example. Rich in nutrition, also has the brain anti-ageing do use.
Experiments have proved that eggs and atherosclerosis, achieved astonishing unexpectedly. Eggs contain more vitamin B2, it can have decomposition and oxidation of carcinogenic

substance, human body trace element and the eggs with cancer has made. Eggs on the liver tissue damage protein,cheap ugg egg yolks

are made with repair of lecithin can promote liver cell regeneration!
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the fuction of the tomato
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